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If you want functional garage doors and to avoid accidents, read the following tips

Stain or oil your metal garage door annually

This is a simple task and its purpose is to protect the sheet metal from rust and other types of damage. Buy a good quality product, preferably one recommended by the door's manufacturer, and apply it carefully on all panels. Do not miss covering even a single square inch of surface.

Watch your fingers when inspecting garage door parts

You should perform visual inspection first. If you have to touch any parts, you should use a probing tool like a screwdriver or a brush first. Our specialists from garage door repair company in Rancho Santa Fe recommend that you are extra careful with parts under great tension.

Don’t lubricate the garage door tracks

As a rule of thumb, stationary hardware parts don’t require lubrication even if they are made of metal. If you lubricate the tracks, they will become too slippery and cause the door to malfunction. The correct approach is to lubricate the rollers, if they are made of metal, and the hinges. Use a light lubricant for this purpose. It should not be sticky or hard when the weather gets cold.

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