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Pros and cons of wooden garage doors

03/16/2014 Back To Blog

Wood is the oldest material on earth and the first one used in constructions. Although, you can find a vast range of other materials on the market in California, most people still prefer wood for its warmth, beauty, class and the fact that there is a great variety of styles and designs. Apart from its nostalgic touch, a wooden garage door has some pros and cons you should explore and consider before you buy it.Pros and cons of wooden garage doors

What are the pros of a wooden garage door?

  • Aesthetics. It’s the top material. Consider that people may buy steel garage doors, but they have them made looking like wood.
  • It provides great insulation. There is no comparison with other materials when it comes to insulation matters. If your garage is located at a spot that influences the warmth of the rest of your house, you must not think about it twice.

What are the cons of a wooden garage door?

  • Authentic wood is much more expensive than other materials, but you can ask a garage door service provider because prices always vary.
  • You must not forget that wood is a natural material and, thus, influenced by the elements easier.wood garage doors
  • Your garage door contractor would tell you that wooden garage doors would cost you more because you will need to apply special coats to make them more resistant to the elements. You will also need regular garage door maintenance.
  • Wood garage doors are heavier, but today garage door openers have eliminated this disadvantage since most people require electric garage door installation.

As an overall, the disadvantage of wooden doors lies on their price, but if you can afford a wood garage door for your home in Rancho Santa Fe, there is nothing more beautiful than real wood.

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